Petition: Change is Good

Improvement for Printers in the School of Saint Anthony, Lagro Quezon City: In Demand!


To be enlightened on what is the petition all about, kindly watch the trailer below.

We conducted a survey regarding the perception of random Grade 11 students towards the current printing services offered by the School Library. The results are aesthetically shown below.




When the petition is accepted by the School Administrators, it will benefit the whole Anthonian Community. This includes the school personnel as well as the students. The said petition would also benefit us Senior High School Students for our  research papers and such that needs printing services.

Why should I sign  your petition?

You have the decision whether you sign or not. But one thing to take note this is non-compulsory. At the end of the day and one thing for certain as this petition is accepted, the whole Anthonian community will surely benefit in the newly improved printing services.


To learn more about the said petition, kindly visit our page and support us by signing the petition. Your signature for our petition means so much for us.

Thank You and God Bless!

Click here for CHANGE!


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