Rock is a widely popular and vast genre that gathers together a wide range of different styles. Its origins can be traced to US recordings in the late 1940s that combined major elements from Jump-Blues and Swing with the increased prominence given to the role of the electric guitar drawn from Chicago Blues. Even though the term ‘Rock’ was originally used by some Blues performers in the late 1930s to describe their faster tempo songs and bawdier version of their music, it went largely unrecorded until the late 1940s.

Rock in its original form was a song-based type of music that typically used a verse-chorus structure with a backbeat rhythm and the electric guitar at the forefront of the music being heavier and/or faster than its predecessor genres. Rock is characterized by the prominence of the electric guitar, usually played loud, and accompanied by bass and drums. In addition, right from the beginning rock music has been linked to a rebel or provocative attitude towards the system and conservative culture.